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  1. EWB

    EWB Команда форума Администратор

    13 янв 2014
    JSON-LD microdata for OpenCart products
    One hour of free support included !
    Every website owner aims to deliver content that caters to an audience with certain optimizations to increase their web traffic from Google. For this very reason, most web page owners look to increase their rank on a search engine’s results pages. However, even higher ranked web pages sometimes fail to make a necessary impact with a user.
    To make a better impact and get higher clicks on your search engine links, developers need to consider adding such additional optimizations such as a schema.org JSON-LD markup.

    The HTML5 microdata specification is a way to label content to describe a specific type of information—for example, reviews, person information, or events.
    Each information type describes a specific type of item, such as a person, and event, or a review. For example, an event has the properties venue, starting time, name, and category.

    Google understands this format and will create beautiful rich snippet with rating stars, reviews count and product info near the search results.

    This extension will add markup to:
    - Product breadcrumbs
    - Product link
    - Product name
    - Product price
    - Product image (not allowed by Google yet)
    - Product availability
    - Product rating
    - Product description
    - Product reviews



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